Beauty Opener

Old-School Glamour

Top left, on box: Bottega Veneta Knot perfume, from €88.90, at Harvey Nichols and Arnotts. Chanel Coco Noir Extrait Parfum, €206. Bobbi Brown Lip Glosses, limited edition, €24 each. Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in Have Paris, €45, at SpaceNK. Top right: Prabal Gurung for MAC Bronzing Compact, £50stg, exclusive to Harrods,, from December. Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette, limited edition, €69. Bottom right: Set of 12 notelets with envelopes, £25stg,; Italix ink pen, £49stg, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Nail Polish in Scotch, limited edition, €14. Prabal Gurung for MAC Eyeshadow Duo, £30stg. Bobbi Brown Highlight Powder, limited edition, €43. Prabal Gurung for MAC Lipstick in Carmine Rouge, £20stg. Bottom left: Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set, limited edition, €110.

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The Art Of Grooming

Making-up isn’t hard to do … Sarah Halliwell offers five steps to good grooming

Sometimes it feels like we’re all on fast-forward. We are so dedicated to doing everything at speed that the idea of sitting for hours at a dressing table seems like an ancient art. Yet, time spent grooming is about more than vanity. “It’s a very ritualistic and spiritual process that women have,” reckons designer Prabal Gurung, whose make-up collaboration with MAC, launching in December, is the height of old-school glamour. “Whether it’s 20 minutes or an hour, it’s a personal time.” The most luxurious beauty products capture something of this decadence: they are things of beauty before you even use them, making the whole ritual about pleasure. Lipstick Queen’s weighty, magnetic-click lipsticks, or a Tom Ford compact with outsized mirror, make dressing up so much more glamorous. You could almost picture them in Elizabeth Taylor’s hands. Here’s what to spend your time on – the season’s five short cuts to looking groomed ...

Cleansing is non-negotiable (and gleaming skin looks more modern and youthful than layers of cover). Time spent on brow tinting and shaping is a good investment: you will immediately look more pulled together. But if in doubt on the brow front, do consult an expert. “For brows, think structure but with variation,” says Eoin Whelan, Giorgio Armani make-up artist. “Brows should not look uniform – they tend to be darker underneath. Start in the middle, where the hair is heavier, and work colour up into the brow.”  For a natural look, try Armani Eye & Brow Maestro, €31.

This story appears in the November issue of The Gloss. Find more features like this in next issue, out on Thursday December 4

The Beauty Edit

Cloon Keen

Galway-based perfumers Cloon Keen are a serious Irish success story, with an exquisite range of niche perfumes that recently launched in Selfridges in London. Their newest scents are transporting: Infusion Assam is inspired by a breathtaking journey on an antique steam train in India: “It is a faceted fragrance, which we refer to as having a ‘fractal’ effect because of the repeating patterns within,” says Cloon Keen’s Margaret Mangan. Imagine subtle black tea notes, jasmine, mate absolute and exotic tonka bean absolute. Copacetic is a bright and sunny eau de parfum with bergamot, Egyptian basil oil, neroli, rhubarb, grapefruit, Haitian vetiver and patchouli. Just the thing for a winter lift. €80 each.

This story appears in the November issue of The Gloss. Find more features like this in next issue, out Thursday December 4

Behind The Scenes

For our portrait of actress Roisin O’Neill, Dylan Bradshaw make-up artist Michelle Kinsella did a masterclass in subtle make-up 

1. Skin: “We wanted to highlight her youth and natural beauty – too strong a look could have overpowered her. We mixed Dylan Bradshaw HD Powder with Mineral Powder Foundation to achieve a dewy look.
2. Eyes: Brows were lightly filled and I used our Eye Shadow Quad in neutral shades, finished with Waterproof Black Mascara. I contoured the face with our new Gemstone Bronzer (coming soon), and kept lips nude with Micro Latte Lipstick and Super Bare Lip Gloss.”
3. Hair: Hair was similarly understated. “The dress was so elegant that we wanted to keep the hair simple and chic,” says Dylan Bradshaw stylist Lisa Martin. “We brushed hair back into a low ponytail. Using a small wand we took small sections and worked through the ponytail, putting a wave into the hair. Using a wide-toothed comb we gently backcombed small sections throughout the ponytail to give the hair texture and body.”

This story appears in the November issue of The Gloss. Find more features like this in next issue, out on Thursday December 4

Beauty Buffet

Names You Need To Know

So many new skincare brands launch every month that trying to choose just one is enough to bring you out in spots. Websites like and monthly beauty boxes like Glossybox bombard us with new names at a rate of knots. The arrival of SPACE.NK to central Dublin has also widened our choice of skincare in a big way. Along with the top-notch niche brands they stock, such as Sunday Riley (Stella McCartney’s choice for her catwalks), ByTerry and Pai, here are three lesser-known names we reckon are worth looking into, having met the founders, read the science and tried out the products. There are no glossy celebs as the face of these small brands, but they are growing fast because they’re bringing something different to the market. 1 Radical Skincare is a small line of multitaskers developed by the LA-based Edlich sisters. The USP? “It’s simply the strongest skincare for sensitive skin,” says Liz Edlich. “Think of it as your skin armour: repair is futile unless you stop the environmental damage – protection is key.” Its focus is defending skin against the ten different types of free radicals it’s exposed to; Radical put their money into the actives, which are at the highest possible levels, and have come up with special membrane technology in order to deliver these nutrients into the skin effectively. Try the transformative Extreme Repair moisturiser to save skin this winter, and the year-round essential, an easy-to-wear non-chemical sunscreen. 2 Stop … The Wrinkles Before They Start is the slightly clunky name of a small, smart line for 30-somethings created by Botox expert Dr Darren McKeown. It’s a sensible, no-waffle range that’s about prevention, and you have to respect a Botox guy who warns against starting injectables too early. From €25. 3 OSKIA. Finally, Georgia Cleeve’s range is designed as nutrition for the skin. Its key ingredient, MSM, is a bioavailable form of sulphur, a crucial mineral for cell regeneration and the encouragment of collagen production, while the new Super 16 Pro Collagen Super Serum is powered by an exciting new natural equivalent to retinol. We hear that Oskia’s Renaissance Mask is in big demand at Pinewood Studios for actors’ close-ups, as effects are so instant and impressive. Two other under-the-radar buys are Heliocare Sun Touch SPF50, an SPF that also makes skin look good, recommended to us by cosmetic dermatologist Dr Jane Mulrooney. And a special mention for Code VLM mascara at Harvey Nichols (€24.50), a convincingly good, lash-conditioning inky black.

This story appears in the November issue of The Gloss. Find more features like this in next issue, out on Thursday December 4