One Thing That Works

Another month, another new foundation. Every bottle that lands on the beauty desk claims to be revolutionary and groundbreaking. And sometimes, they really are. Foundation is the hardest thing to buy, and the thing we get wrong most frequently. While multifunctional make-up products like CC creams are part of an ongoing trend, with foundation what we really want is something that does what it needs to, perfectly, and makes skin look better. YSL’s Fusion Ink Foundation is genuinely exciting as it takes the idea of subtle foundation to a new level. It’s clearly inspired by Armani’s innovative Maestro Fusion, which has an incredibly light oil and pigment formula. Fusion Ink is completely weightless, yet unexpectedly long-lasting; it’s a far cry from classic long-wear foundation which tends to be thick and opaque: the tiniest drop from the quill-inspired applicator glides over skin and then holds. The oils evaporate, leaving pure pigment which fuses with the skin, leaving a uniform veil of colour. And really a veil – you can’t feel you’re wearing it. YSL’s make-up director Lloyd Simmonds says, “It’s invisible and offers perfect control all day – it’s ideal for a nude, sculpted, easy look.” We love the ease and speed of using this – the way it blends instantly with the skin, covers the bits you want it to, mattifies without clogging the skin, and hydrates. Perfectly light coverage is not just a summer thing: all year round we want something quick and easy to use that looks completely natural. If you want more coverage for evening, try Simmonds’ tip to use a darker shade to sculpt and underline cheekbones. This is real luxury: something that makes life easier by doing its job perfectly. For a perfect complexion when you’re up all night. In 16 shades. Available nationwide from August 20, €40.

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Beauty in a Bottle: Skin Supplements

Super-powered liquids and tablets promise to reach the places that topical creams can’t. Latest arrivals are Elle MacPherson’s Super Elixir, and Fountain beauty supplements, offering health and beauty benefits in liquid form. Should we ditch the bowls of kale and swig hyaluronic acid to get gorgeous glowing skin? We asked the experts.

The scientist: Dr Fabio Boylan, assistant professor of pharmacognosy at Trinity College Dublin, reckons that this trend is not without its merits. “Yes, these kinds of supplements can be beneficial, since many of them contain antioxidants, effective in slowing down oxidisation of other molecules and protecting from free radicals. The majority of diseases, and age-related issues, are caused by an excess of free radicals.” They certainly don’t do any harm, he tells us – “if you gave supplements to half a group and not the other half, you would see the difference.” Often, he points out, these supplements combine products already in existence rather than being radically new. Taken in the correct amounts, with advice, he recommends, vitamins C and E can be beneficial.

Four To Try: 1. Fountain Beauty Molecule is based on water-soluble resveratrol, famed for its anti-inflammatory benefits; €29.99, at Brown Thomas. 2. Imedeen Time Perfection is a collagen-rich marine complex plus antioxidant-rich lycopene. “High doses of lycoprene have been shown to reduce some UV sunburn/redness,” notes Lowe; at pharmacies. 3. Perricone MD Omega 3 derives from wild salmon fish oil rich in omega 3 for health and skin benefits; at SpaceNK, Dublin 2. 4. Udo’s Oil Beyond Greens is a blend of essential fatty acids plus spirulina, broccoli and kale, rich in detoxifying chlorophyll. Can help sensitive or inflamed skin; €30.99, at pharmacies.

This story appears in the July/August issue of The Gloss. Find more features like this in next issue, out Saturday September 6

Beat A Retreat

Hotel spas offer the perfect combination: B&B plus R&R. Here’s where to head for the best new treatments in glamorous surroundings ...

From the moment you arrive at The Europe Hotel you feel a million miles away from the daily slog. This five-star hotel is beautifully located, overlooking the lakes of Killarney, breathtaking views visible from every part of the hotel including the balconies of the large luxurious rooms. ESPA at The Europe is a glamorous spa overlooking the shores of Lough Lein, with 16 treatment rooms, outdoor and indoor pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, salt pool, a gym, tennis courts and its own restaurant (one of the hotels three restaurants). I enjoyed an intense massage with Espa oils (50 mins, €115) that left me feeling invigorated and refreshed, thanks to the amazing therapist. The ESPA Ultimate Life Stage Facial (90 mins, €160)  minimises wrinkles and raises hydration levels while lifting and firming and the products continue to work for a whopping eight hours. It’s easy to see why the spa has won Hotel Spa of the Year 2014. The Europe also won awards for Best Resort Hotel, Best Overall Hotel and Best Brasserie and Bistro. The Europe Hotel, Fossa, Killarney, Co Kerry;

This story appears in the July/August issue of The Gloss. Find more features like this in next issue, out Saturday September 6