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Dara Deering
Executive director, KBC Bank Ireland

The CV: Dara Deering has a Masters in Business from the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Science Management from Trinity College Dublin. Prior to joining KBC Bank in 2012, Deering held a number of senior positions in the financial services sector. Her business experience led to her appointment to the board of MS Ireland.

Describe your role:
I am executive director and head of retail banking at KBC Bank Ireland. I am a member of the bank’s executive committee and board of directors. I lead KBC’s strategy of offering a broad suite of retail financial services products and expanding customer reach through digital and physical channels.

The Business in Context?
KBC is a Belgian bank with a digitally-led, customer-focused strategy and more than 35,000 staff. We have 1,100 employees in Ireland and operate eleven retail hubs around the country.

Your company’s priorities?
To offer a distinctive customer experience so that more consumers chose KBC for their primary banking relationship. We will open five new hubs this year.

A typical day?
I am an early riser (even at weekends) so I like to get to the office early and catch up on social media feedback from our customers and also take time to review what is in the papers. I also tend to have a lot of meetings to review new proposals or manage progress on new customer initiatives. I try to spend time every day understanding how our channels are performing and hearing customer insights. I end most days with a trip to the gym.

What keeps you awake at night?
I am not a worrier by nature but my passion for delivering a great customer experience in our business means I am constantly thinking about how we can improve our offering for our existing customers and become more attractive to new customers.

The accomplishment you are most proud of?
The opportunity to launch a new digitally-led and customer-focused retail bank in Ireland at a time when the sector remains challenged and trust remains low. I am proud of the fact that although we are not a traditional retail bank, we work hard to manage relationships with customers online and over the phone,  supported by physical hubs.

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